Halo, we are CODEX

CODEX is a special team, powered by Telkom Indonesia, that manages the Digital Talent Cycle. Our focus is on how to serve good quality people/talent to build digital services and also transform Telkom Indonesia from Telco Company into Digital Telco Company.

  • Purpose : Digitize the Nation.
  • Vision : To empower Telkom’s digital initiatives at its best.
  • Mission : Nurture digital talent through amazing talent experience

Telkom Indonesia

PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (Telkom) is a state-owned information and communications technology enterprise and telecommunications network in Indonesia.

As it transforms to become a digital telecommunication company, TelkomGroup implements a customer-oriented business and company operational strategy. The transformation aims to trim down TelkomGroup’s organization to be leaner and more agile in adapting to the fast-changing nature of the telecommunications industry. The new organization is expected to be able to improve efficiency and be more effective in producing a quality customer experience.

TelkomGroup’s activities grow and change in accordance with the development of new technology, information and digitalization, but still within the corridor of telecommunications and information technology. This is evident in the newly developed business lines, which complements the company’s existing legacy business.


Telkom CODES

We uphold values ​​and build a supportive work culture for Digital Talents within the TelkomGroup environment.

The practices that show collaborative, teamwork, and interaction actions carried out with internal and external parties with the aim of growing together.

The practice of expressing opinions, being open to criticism and advice, mutual respect, and the desire to share, grows together towards a better direction.

The practices have a strong desire to achieve the goals and objectives of the job as well as possible in order to meet the needs of customers and other stakeholders, including considering all challenges to be faced.

The practice to dare to try and find new ways and never give up to realize ideas for better goals.

The practices that show confidence in carrying out tasks independently and are responsible for everything that will be done.


Bagaimana Codex mengubah Telkom Konvensional menjadi Telkom Digital?

Bagaimana Rasa Penasaran Frontend Developer Berubah Menjadi Rasa Nyaman Saat Bekerja di Codex?

Bagaimana Strategi Baru Telkom untuk Mendapatkan Talenta Terbaik di Bidang Teknologi?


Salah satu kekuatan Telkom Indonesia untuk menunjang performansi adalah implementasi budaya perusahaannya yang tidak setengah-tengah. It's wonderful to see the people give and do the best at their work. It's actually our basic philosophy to be always the best

Teuku Muda Nanta (Executive Vice President Telkom Indonesia)

Di Telkom, semua karyawan adalah konsultan digital. Tak dapat dipungkiri, banyak alumni Telkom menduduki posisi penting di pelbagai perusahaan di Indonesia. Mereka adalah aset.

Fauzan Feisal (Head of Digital Talent Management & CEO Digital Amoeba Program)

Inovasi memiliki perananan penting dalam persaingan di era digital saat ini. Sebagai bagian dari Corporate Culture di Telkom, inovasi memberikan warna baru dan kesempatan bagi seluruh karyawan untuk berkembang. karena dengan berinovasi kita belajar untuk bereksperimentasi dan merayakan kegagalan, dan dengan berinovasi kita bisa memahami makna "Fail Fast, Success Faster

Imam Herdiansyah (Cultural Development Telkom Indonesia)

Kami, Codex, adalah tim khusus dari Telkom Indonesia yang bertujuan untuk membantu Telkom menjalankan inisiatif digital, baik dalam bentuk produk digital atau layanan digital. Playground dari Codex adalah Digital Talent. Kami merubah proses yang berkaitan dengan Digital Talent agar mereka bisa berkembang sesuai dengan kemampuannya di ekosistem digital ini.

Hopy Familianto (CEO & Co-Founder Codex,powered by Telkom Indonesia)

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